Commercial Pest Control

We have fully integrated pest management procedures to cover the broad range of insects, birds and mammals that are likely to invade your environment. All our work is carried out with regard to health & safety and the protection of non-target animals.

Pesticides, traps, and preventative measures are used by professionally trained and experienced staff to ensure that your infestations are identified and remedied as quickly and humanely as possible.

We will also provide you with information on the best methods to prevent the pests from returning. Our service is registered with National Pest Technician Association and we are supported by a national Pest Control Company who supply our pesticides, equipment and provide us with technical support and advice.

Pests in our environment. We all share the world and our environment with many other creatures. Those that may be harmful to us, or breed in such numbers as to become a nuisance by infesting our living and working spaces, are seen as pests. Control will be required using pesticides to remove them; other pests may only require the adaptation of structures or living habits to deter them.

A full pest control service can be provided to all commercial premises either as an individual treatment or on a contract basis. An agreement can be provided for treatments against pest infestations on a regular preventative contract. All contracts are reassessed periodically to ensure that they are still fit for purpose.